Project Name     Company Name
Speaker Type
Room Information
  Feet Meters
  Length (x)
  Width (y)
  Speaker Height
  Room Area
Speaker Specifications
Frequency Response (-3dB)
Low Frequency (-10dB)  
Sensitivity (dB\@1W/1M)  
Power Capacity RMS  
Max SPL dB @ 1 m  
Nominal Impedance  
Transformer Options  
Volume at Listener
  Soft = 70 dB
  Medium = 80 dB
  Loud = 90 dB
  Other dB
Coverage Quality
System mode
      Head Room    
  8 Ohm
(Voice Coil)

25 Volt
(U.S. Educational Facilities)

70.7 Volt
(U.S. Standard)
100 Volt
(International Standard)
  Results   Speaker Layout
  Coverage Area Per Speaker  
Amplifier Power Required (Watts)  
Number of Speakers  
Watts Per Speaker  
  Number of Rows (Length) x  
Number of Rows (Width) y  
End Space (Length) x  
End Space (Width) y  
Spacing Between Speakers (x)  
Spacing Between Speakers (y)  

SoundTubeSPEC 4.0 is only a guideline for specifying SoundTube speakers in commercial environments.
SoundTube Entertainment does not guarantee speaker placement of any specified installations using SPEC 4.0.

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