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Model Q-12A Loudspeaker
For high sound pressure levels

Soundsphere's Model Q-12A omnidirectional loudspeaker provides a more powerful sound system where clear voice announcements and high-fidelity foreground music at high sound pressure levels are required. Applications include gymnasiums, ice rinks, transportation terminals, factories and nightclubs. The Q-12A is also available in a weatherproof configuration (Q-12AWR) for outdoor use, featuring a protective screen over the holes and driver to prevent birds from nesting in the speaker.

Along with its hemispherical coverage pattern, the Q-12A loudspeaker provides high sensitivity (97dB 1W/1m) and high SPL capability (121dB 250W/1m), and utilizes our exclusive patent-pending Poly-exponential Incidence Reflector. This loudspeaker can be mounted using our hanging kit or mounting bracket and comes in both standard and custom colors.

Q-12A Technical Data
Download the Q-12A spec sheet
Download the Model Q-12A Spec Sheet (128k)
Download the Q-12A spec sheet
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Model Q-12A Loudspeaker dimensions
Model Q-12A Omnidirectional Loudspeaker
• Gymnasiums
• Ice Rinks
• Arenas
• Churches
• Swimming Pools
• Transportation Terminals
• Factories
• Open Public Areas
• Bars & Nightclubs
And applications where clear voice announcements and high-fidelity foreground music are required at high sound levels.

Sensitivity: 97dB SPL; 1 Watt/1 meter
Maximum SPL: 121dB; 250 Watts/1 meter
Power Handling: 250 Watts RMS
Frequency Response: 60Hz to 16kHz ± 6dB
Coverage: 180° vertical
360° horizontal
Rated Impedance: 8 ohms
Weight: 39 lbs. (17.6 kg)
Height: 25" (635mm)
Sphere Diameter: 22" (560mm)
Reflector Diameter: 26" (660mm)
Driver: 12" true coaxial
(LF and HF share common magnetic circuit)
Material: Enclosure and reflector are fiberglass with gelcoat finish; rust-resistant hardware
School Gymnasiums: 1 // 2 // 3
Manufacturing Plant
Amusement Park
Under Tents: 1 // 2
Museums: 1 // 2
College Field House
Ice Rink
Speedway Grandstands

Model Q-12A Accessories

Q-Combo Kits Q-12A Loudspeaker Hanging Kit
Q-COMBO KITS Hanging Kit – Order No. HKL
Model Description
Q-Combo 2 (shown) Combines 2 Model Q-12A loudspeakers
Q-Combo 3 Combines 2 Model Q-12A and 1 Model Q-SB2 sub-bass loudspeakers
Q-Combo 4 Combines 4 Model Q-12A loudspeakers
Q-Combo 5 Combines 4 Model Q-12A and 1 Model Q-SB2 sub-bass loudspeakers
Q-12A Loudspeaker Hanging Kit
Mounting Bracket –
Order No. MBL
Line Matching Transformer — Order No. TX-250
The Model TX-250 is a 250 Watt line matching transformer for the Model Q-12A, with taps for 70 and 100 Volt constant voltage systems. The TX-250 is designed for factory mounting in the Q-12A reflector. Connection to system wiring is via 6" color-coded flying leads. Available taps: 70 Volt: 250, 125, and 62.5 Watts; 100 Volt: 250 and 125 Watts.
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